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Tax Corner

taxcorner_BLOG1. Phishing scams

SARS has warned taxpayers to be aware of phishing email scams.

These emails appear to come from SARS stating you have a refund and asking you to “verify” your banking details. Of course these are aimed at getting access to your bank account so the fraudsters can help themselves to your money!

The SARS website has a helpful article about this including “How to Detect if a Website is Fraudulent”.

2. New version of e@syFile launched

SARS has released the latest version 6.2.0 of “e@syFile™ Employer”. It is available from the SARS eFiling website.

There are also some notes to assist you: the Release Notes for e@syFile™ Employer (Version 6.2.0). Ask your accountant for advice if you have any queries.

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