The NWANDA brand originated from the acronym of the firm's original name Neale Whitecross and Associates. Situated in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, the organisation consists of the following entities:

  • Nwanda Incorporated is the specialised business unit dedicated to audit and review services. It is registered and accredited by the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) - Practice No 952451.
  • Nwanda Financial Services (Pty) Ltd provides taxation, secretarial, payroll and accounting services.
The NWANDA structure enables our group to provide our clients with a full range of value-added services.

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    Our client base includes large owner-operated companies and subsidiaries of listed companies. The activities and industries of our clients include mining, manufacturing, engineering, building, air transportation, education, information technology, consulting, wholesale and retail trade, property development, investment and hotel and leisure, and farming among others. We currently service over 2000 clients on an annual basis.
    We offer a broad array of auditing, accounting, financial management and tax-related services over a wide spectrum of industries, providing value-added business services and proactive solutions to our clients.


    We offer our clients assurance in their financial processes and reporting through a variety of auditing services, ranging from voluntary audits, requested by choice, to forensic and statutory audits that may hold legal implications.

    We also assist organisations with internal audits, also called operational audits, that help our clients analyse their financial frameworks and adjust their internal controls and risk management accordingly.

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    Reviews & Compilations

    Independent reviews and compilations offer companies the opportunity to analyse their compliance with financial reporting requirements and legislation. These preliminary investigations help companies identify key areas of improvement and enables us to offer them advice and guidance regarding their financial processes and reporting frameworks.

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    Our accountants assist businesses with the management of their monthly accounts as well as the capturing of daily transactions. We also assist with budget preparation, accounting reviews, VAT preparation and are able to offer expert advice on all accounting queries.

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    A detailed analysis of your business will help you determine its value and offer you a holistic overview of your business, while also determining its due diligence. This also enables us to offer businesses the necessary advice and consulting services regarding business and finances processes and procedures.

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    We help trusts and companies with their tax returns, while also assisting them with their CIPC and SARS registrations and in the attainment of their tax clearance certificates. Individuals can also rely on us for the completion and submission of their tax returns and provisional tax returns.

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    Our secretarial services offer you the necessary assistance in entity formation, registration and amendment, and in the conversion and restructuring of an existing business, while also assisting with voluntary liquidations. A business’s legislative compliance and general efficiency can also be assured through the use of our secretarial duties.

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    Payroll Services

    We offer effective third-party payroll administration that assists you with payroll data capturing and the necessary filing of UIF, SDL, PAYE and SARS deductions. For maximum efficiency, all SARS correspondence will also go through us. Businesses will then receive monthly and bi-annual reports, while we assist employees with IRP5 documents.

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    Financial Management

    Our trusted consultants assist SMEs with the preparation of financial statements and the management of statements to ensure that the planning and organisation of a company’s financial future is secure.

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    Estate Planning and Preparation of Trusts & Wills

    We offer expert guidance and advice in estate planning and the drafting of wills, while also helping you in the preparation, creation and administration of trusts. To ensure the most up-to-date representation of your wishes, we also assist in the updating and amendments of wills.

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    Executive Team

    Robert Borrill
    CA (SA) | RA
    Bob has been the Managing Partner of Nwanda Incorporated since 2011. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1984 he specialised and consulted for a number of years in tax and financial management.
    Roy Macpherson
    CA (SA) | RA
    Roy was admitted as an Audit Partner of Nwanda in February 2002. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1992 after completing his articles at Pim Goldby and JD Hill and Company.
    Mauritz Jankowitz
    CA (SA) | RA
    Mauritz studied full time at University of Pretoria and obtained BCom Accounting Degree and BCom Accounting Honours Degree in 2000 and 2001 respectively
    Pieter Steyn
    CA (SA) | RA
    Pieter has been practicing as a Registered Auditor and Chartered Accountant since 2005. He successfully managed his own practice since 2011 before joining Nwanda as a Partner in February 2017.
    Christopher Botha
    CA (SA) | RA
    Christopher completed a BSc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2007, after which he decided to pursue a career in auditing.
    Ashen Gunasee
    CA (SA) | RA
    Ashen completed his Undergraduate degree and CTA at UNISA whilst studying part-time. Ashen qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2015 after passing both SAICA qualifying board exams on the first attempt.
    Erika Botha
    CA (SA) | RA
    Erika completed her articles at PKF (Welkom) Inc in 2011 while studying part-time through the University of South Africa after which she moved to Johannesburg and joined the Nwanda team.
    Proffessor Mafela
    CA (SA) | RA
    Proffessor completed his articles at Nwanda Incorporated in 2015 after which he was appointed as an audit manager. In 2016, on his first attempt, he passed both SAICA qualifying board exams
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