18 November

SARS: Procedure to change banking details for Personal Income Tax (Individuals)

SARS is responsible for protecting taxpayers against unauthorised changes to their personal details. Taxpayers wishing to register or change their banking details must visit a SARS […]
15 September


Whether you are thinking of helping your son financially to enable him to purchase his first property or donating money towards a worthy cause, there are […]
15 September

Provisional Tax: Did you know?

Provisional tax payments is not a separate tax but pre-payments of income tax for a specific tax year. These pre-payments ensure that the tax load is […]
1 May

Capital gains tax on donations and bequests

Paragraph 12(5) of the Eighth Schedule to the Income Tax Act was scrapped on 1 January 2013 and replaced with a new paragraph 12(A) which, in […]
1 May

Directors could be liable for company’s tax debts

Although companies or close corporations, as legal entities in their own right, bear the responsibility of debts incurred, and although directors, shareholders and members of these […]
31 March

Proof required for Income Tax Returns: Individuals

Following the conclusion of the tax year on 28 February 2014 documents are issued to you that must be retained for tax purposes. The following documents […]
31 March

How does the new Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) work?

What is ETI? ETI is a tax concession made to encourage employers to hire young people with no work experience. The employer may claim the ETI […]
27 January

Just a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down

As from the 2013 tax year contributions to medical aid schemes are no longer allowed as a deduction.  This provision was replaced by the section 6A […]
27 January

Tax ombud: Recourse for aggrieved taxpayers

The Tax Administration Act that came into effect on 1 October 2012 is a valiant attempt to balance the rights of the taxman with those of […]

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