13 February

Taxation of foreign employment income

South Africa has a residence-based tax system, which means residents are taxed on their worldwide income, regardless of where that income was earned. South African tax residents living overseas and earning remuneration in respect of […]
13 February

What to do when the taxman comes?

With the tax filing season for individuals now closed, taxpayers may find themselves with tax debt that is due. This may be due to administrative penalties […]
17 May

Employer Annual Reconciliation Due

Employers should be aware that Employer Annual Reconciliation submission due date is fast approaching. If the relevant deadlines are missed, certain penalties will apply. When should […]
1 March

Tax consultancy services:A fringe benefit?

A recent judgment of the Tax Court sitting in Pretoria[1] highlighted yet again the very broad nature of the employment fringe benefit regime governed by the […]
27 November

Third provisional tax payments

Provisional taxpayers are required to submit two returns annually: one after six months from the start of the relevant year of assessment, and again one on […]
27 November

Dividends tax returns

With effect from 1 April 2012, dividends tax was introduced to replace the then “secondary tax on companies” (or “STC”). The tax is currently levied at […]
4 October

Treasury moves to close CGT avoidance loophole through share buybacks

Where one company previously sought to dispose of its shares in another company, it was able to do so without incurring an exposure for capital gains […]
4 October

The “in duplum” rule and tax legislation

The “in duplum” rule originated from the South African common law and has been applied through South African case law for over 100 years. This common […]
31 July

Gone are the days of tax-free salaries abroad

Many South African taxpayers earning a salary abroad have for many years been able to benefit from so-called “double non-taxation”. This would be the case where […]

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