29 August

Employment Equity

The Employment Equity Amendment Bill of 2020, which makes a number of controversial amendments to the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998, has been signed into […]
14 August

Estate planning in South Africa: Essential questions answered

Estate planning is a critical part of financial planning, yet it often gets overlooked. This process involves drafting a will, assigning assets to beneficiaries, and understanding […]
17 May

Trustees required to capture “Beneficial Owner” details

Trustees are now required to capture “Beneficial Owner” details on the Master’s Portal An important update regarding the amended Trust Property Control Act, Act 57 of […]
26 September

Employment Equity Reporting 2022

Companies would have received the standard “Reminder” letters beginning of September 2022 for the annual Employment Equity Reporting, which is for the period of October 2021 […]
11 April

The credit bureau and third-party access to credit information

When it comes to the protection of personal information, there are two acts that govern businesses and those working with such information. The Protection of Privacy […]
19 January

How to make vaccination a part of your business policies

While employers cannot force their employees to be vaccinated, there are various grounds for dismissing employees who object, provided that the employer has conducted a thorough risk assessment to determine the need for vaccination. […]
19 January

Can I be held personally for the misconduct of my non-profit organisation?

I am a director of an NPO. Can I be held liable in my personal capacity for damages caused by or debt incurred by the organisation? I […]
2 November

Contracts tacitly novated after expiry of a fixed-term contract

In Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries v Teto and Others,1 the Labour Appeal Court (“LAC”) considered whether the termination of employees initially engaged on fixed-term contracts […]
2 November

Securities for sellers who sell goods on credit

Take scenario one, in which a purchaser pays the purchase price of a good in a one lump sum. In this case, they are entitled to […]

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