Buying out shareholders
28 May
Tax deductions against salary earnings
27 June

Nwanda Internal News (May 2018)


Awesome Awards were awarded to: 

  • Vicky du Plessis for resolving the Van Heerden and Perkins cases successfully with SARS.
  • Natasha Bothma for always working hard and meeting the deadline for the Fast Motion audit.
  • Lebohang Lemaoana for going above and beyond to ensure that deadlines were met and taking initiative to complete more than just her allocated sections (Vitam International and Jumla Medical Supplies).
  • Jessica Southgate for passing the HDip Tax final exam with a distinction.

New staff member:

A warm welcome to Irene Buckle who will be assisting Cindy.

Farewell to staff member:

We bid farewell to Miguel Jorge, Andy Manika, and Cristen St John, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Sports & Social Club:

The next Table Tennis Tournament will be held on Friday 29 June after work.

We will also be holding a social event that day to celebrate getting through the May-June exams and hope to see all of you there.

“Casual Day” donations:

We donated R907.00 of the money collected to –






PETS is PRO-LIFE, PRO-ACTIVE Animal rescue organisation. This means that we physically visit townships daily to help and assist. We do not wait for people to seek help for their animals, we physically go and offer this to them.

“Rescuing one dog may not change the world. But for that dog, their world is changed forever”

Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 16:30
Friday 7:30 – 16:00

+27 (0) 11 622 0926
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