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31 August
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31 August

Nwanda Internal News (August 2016)

DAYSAwesome Reward goes to:

Work performance:

  • Shane Short – Exceeded expectations at the Master’s Office

Welcome back to Samantha Goodrich:

We are pleased to welcome Samantha back to the office after 4 months maternity leave.

Internal promotions:

Congratulations to the following staff on their promotion:

  • Dean du Toit, Accounting Manager
  • Proffessor Mafela, Audit Manager – Erleen Coetzees Team
  • Daniel Adlam, Junior Manager – Bob Borrills Team

CTA Students:

The following staff will vacate the office at the beginning of September to write the CTA examinations.  All  the best and make us proud and most importantly – yourself!

  • Iris Janse van Rensburg
  • Sifiso Tshabalala
  • Daniel Adlam
  • Teboho Magodiele
  • Sadiya Mansoor
  • Esmerelda Lottering

Farewell to a staff member:

We bid farewell to the following staff member:

  • Nicole Pretorius

We wish her success in her future endeavours.

How to increase your exam performance:

Tests and exams are an inevitable part of learning. They’re not there to trip you up, but to measure how well you have understood the subject. Even if you know the content well, there are ways to help yourself perform better on the day.

Some people thrive on exams, others are less fortunate. A disciplined approach will make your task easier, and hopefully – improve your results.

Here are some tips that you can try to help you improve your exam performance.

Before the exam

  • Your success starts before you even sit down for the exam, so ensure that you have enough rest the night before. Don’t cram up to the last minute, as that only adds to your stress
  • Look at previous tests, and analyse how well you did, and where there could be room for improvement
  • Always arrive early for an exam. Arriving late will just add to your stress levels
  • Arrive with a good attitude: be positive, smile, and be confident
  • If you suffer from exam anxiety, read our article on how to manage exam stress.

During the exam

  • Read the directions carefully, and slowly. You don’t want to make a careless mistake
  • Read through the whole exam before answering, to give an overall picture of your task
  • Answer easy questions first; that way you won’t get stuck on a tricky question and run out of time
  • Look for the key words in the question: there are usually one or two that will give you a clue
  • Don’t leave when you’re finished; review all your answers and double-check that you’ve answered all questions correctly
  • Double-check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

After the exam

  • Be positive: think about those tasks you know you performed well on
  • Avoid a ‘post mortem’. Discussing with other students how well you and they did, or did not do, will only drag you down
  • After the exam, don’t go back to study or work right away: give yourself some time off to relax doing something you enjoy.

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